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Master of Business Administration – Global Business, Graduated in 2018 with honorable mention

Master of Business Administration – eCommerce, Graduated in 2017

Graduate Microprogram in International Business, 2016

Certificate in Business Analysis, 2014

Bachelor of Computer Science, Graduated in 2014

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Semesters Completed


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Academic Competitions


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What I have done

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I was select to be a part of the 2015 delegation of Les Missions Commerciales de l’Univeristé Laval. This unique program consists of 8 months training in Sales and International Business followed by a 3-week trade mission abroad. I had the opportunity to conclude a successful trade mission in Germany for Vrvana, a start-up in virtual reality now sold to Apple.

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TEC MBA FSA uLaval is a unique program in collaboration with TEC Canada. The program consists of 18 selected students. Each month, these students do a workshop with an entrepreneur from Quebec City to learn about various subjects from corporate governance to venture capital. This program gave me the opportunity to learn in a more concrete way than traditional lectures.

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MBA World Summit 2018

To conclude my second MBA, I was invited to attend the MBA World Summit 2018 in Cape Town as one of the 100 most inspiring MBA students from the worldwide leading business schools. During the 3-day event, I had the opportunity to help local social & impact entrepreneurs with their ventures. A unique opportunity and event where I met amazing people.

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MBA Games 2017

As VP Sponsorship for the 2017 uLaval delegation, I managed and planned the sponsorship options and stimulated the research of sponsors. I made sure to achieve financial targets to fly the delegation to Vancouver for the 2017 edition of the MBA Games. I ensured proper visibility were given to our sponsors. BTW, what an experience we had at the MBA Games 2017.

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Academic Competition

I won several titles in strategic case competition. This includes a place, among more than 98 teams, in the GBC 2017 finals in Australia, a third position at the BFBW 2018 at the World Economic Forum in Davos, a first position for university outside Asia at the HKUST Global MBA Challenge 2017 in Hong Kong, a semi-final place at JMSB 2018 in Montreal, Entrepreneur’s Choice award at VCIC 2018 in Halifax and Analytical Awards at DGMC 2018 in Montreal.

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Front Row Ventures

Front Row Ventures is the first student-run venture capital fund entirely managed by students that only invests in student-led startups across Canada. I had the chance to be a part of the investment team for 2018-2019 and to bring Front Row Ventures at Laval University.


2018 Minister of Finance’s G7 Student Challenge Finalist – Whistler, Vancouver 2018

Desautels Graduate Management Challenge 2018 – Montreal, Québec 2018

Rotman Design Challenge 2018 – Toronto, Ottawa 2018

Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC) 2018 – Halifax, Nova Scotia 2018

HEC Corporate Responsibility Challenge 2018 – Montreal, Québec 2018

Business for a Better World 2018 – WEF, Davos, Switzerland 2018

John Molson School of Business ICC 2018 – Montreal, Québec 2018

The Global Business Challenge 2017 – UQ, Australia 2017

HKUST Global MBA Challenge 2017 – HKUST, Hong Kong 2017

MBA Games 2017 – VIU, Vancouver 2017

L’Oreal Supply Challenge 2016 – L’Oreal Headquater, Montreal 2016

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Doing Business in Mexico Program

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IPADE Business School

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Mexico City, Mexico


Every year, a group of business students enrolled in elite MBA programs from around the world gather at IPADE Business School for the “Doing Business in Mexico” seminar. The program is composed of four central thematic pillars, with each pillar consisting of a variety of activities (case discussions, plenary sessions with guest speakers, company visits, etc.)

IPADE is the business school of Pan-American University. The private university in Mexico is continuously ranked among top business university across the world and was ranked 2nd in Mexico in the QS Global 250 Business Schools Report 2017.


  • Understanding Mexico’s Context and Culture
  • Doing Business from Mexico
  • How to Compete in Mexico
  • Creating Social Value in Mexico

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MBA European Summer Program

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Otto Beisheim School of Management

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Vallendar, Germany


Did the WHU MBA European Summer Program: a two-week course on ‘The Changing Environment for International Business in Europe’. The program offers a targeted and compact insight into international business in Europe. It offers a well-balanced combination of lectures, group work, company visits, and cultural experiences.

WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management belongs to Germany’s leading business schools. In 2017, it was ranked 4th overall in Germany by Financial Times. In the same year. Its Master in Management Program ranked 7th worldwide by Financial Times and third worldwide by The Economist.


  • Visit of the European Central Bank and on-place training
  • Visit of the Commerzbank and on-place training

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Graduate Summer School

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Norwegian School of Economics

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Bergen, Norway


Did the Graduate Summer School at NHH. This 2-week graduate program is called “Natural resource management and policy: The Norwegian model”. It gives an overview of analytical, empirical and institutional issues in modern economic natural resource management and policy, and the tools, experience and insights that economists and decision-makers have gained from the management of nature, broadly defined.

The Norwegian School of Economics is the most selective in the field of business administration in Norway where around 10,8% of applicants are admitted annually. In 2012, NHH was ranked as the 8th best European school in economics in the ranking “Top 10s by subject” by


  • Visit of Statoil (Bergen)
  • Visit of Hardanger AKVA Center (fish farm)
  • Visit of Lerøy (Bergen)
  • Term paper on Angola and the Resource curse

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Summer School

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Renmin University of China

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Beijing, China


Lived one month in Beijing to complete a summer school at Renmin University of China. I also had the opportunity to complete the two-days Global Management Education Program at Nankai Business School.

Renmin University of China (RUC) is a public research university located in the Haidian District of Beijing, China. In 2018, it was ranked 5th in China by China Education Center and 39th in the Global MBA Ranking 2018 by

Courses :

  • CD1604 – China’s experience and comparaison with developing countries
  • SE1602 – Headge Fund and Its Strategies
  • SE1604 – Real Estate Finance and Investments

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Semester Abroad

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National Taiwan University

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Taipei, Taiwan


Lived 4.5 months in Taipei to complete a graduate semester at the National Taiwan University during my first MBA.

National Taiwan University (NTU, 國立臺灣大學, Táidà) is a national university in Taipei City, Taiwan. Considered the most prestigious university in Taiwan and one of the top ranked universities in the world, it consists of 11 colleges, 54 departments, 107 graduate institutes and four research centers.


  • 15-week seminar in Chinese Organizational Behavior by Mr. Shu-Cheng Steve Chi to understand human behaviors in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan
  • Business in Korea: High-Tech by Hanseok Yun, COO of OBELAB
  • Structure of Business Firms (US, Japan, Taiwan, China) by Dr. Tain-Jy Chen, Taiwanese politician
  • Visit of Kuozui Motors plant (Toyota)

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